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Starting Over

After losing my job in 2010, I tried hard to find another job in the same field. After awhile I gave up, and eventually fell into a depression. I have had depression before, but this time it was really bad. My family rescued me, and I found a place to let go off everything and just rest. Now, I am more myself again, and able to reflect on what has happened, where I am and where I should go with my life.

I recently read a short article about potted plants. It said that when the plant stops flourishing you should take it out of the pot and check its roots. If the roots are going in circles around the perimeter of the pot, the plant is root-bound. It has taken all the nourishment it can from the soil. At this point, it is time to re-pot, or plant it in a garden to flourish again. While re-potting you have to manipulate the roots back outward so they will resume their path of growth and receive nourishment. You might even have to cut off the bottom portion of the roots if they are very bound up. This helps it let go of the parts of the roots that are not functioning well.

This is how I see myself. A re-potted plant. One of the women I used to work with was always telling me that I was too talented for the job I was doing. Perhaps if I had listened to her and explored other avenues earlier I may have avoided the depression that was so devastating. I guess I wasn’t ready, I was too comfortable.

So, here I am now. I have decided that I want to write. I am starting with this blog, and I will search the internet for everything I can find about writing. I am stretching out my roots, into this big world, to see what other nourishment it has to offer.

If you choose to read the articles on my blog, please leave a comment. I believe the comments will help me on my way.Image