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Does It Make You Happy?

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Just before the holidays I was having a rough time at home.  Communication was not good, and not being able to have my own place was taking its toll.  There was a bit of conflict and the result of all this was that I began to experience a certain amount of anxiety.  I don’t mind admitting that I decided to seek help.

I have been through intense counseling at other times in my life.  This wasn’t new to me and seemed like the best way to have someone objectively help me review my problems and come up with some things I could do to make my life better.

I only went to appointments a few times,  but it turns out that was all I needed.  The first few times I spent the hour getting things off my chest.  Then, I guess the 4th or 5th appointment, she asked me a question, “does it make you happy?”.

She told me that this is the question that I should ask myself in pretty much any given situation.  I realize that the value of happiness is not just summed up in the moment, but that one has to think about whether any long-term consequences will or will not make one happy.

you have the right to be happy

you have the right to be happy

Thinking about how to be happy does not make one selfish.

Happiness is a state of being, a state of mind.  Being happy is a decision one makes about how to live life, it is not something that just happens.

I asked myself what I wanted in this life.  I have asked that question at various times in my life.  I have discovered that all I really want is to be happy.  I have also learned that even after losing almost everything, I still have more than enough in my life to be happy about.

What makes me happy?

Spending time with my grand-daughter, feeling her cuddle up to me in the night.   Sunshine.  Animals.  Good books.  Writing.  Pretty jewelry, which does not have to be at all expensive, and a great haircut.

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Flowers, a cold drink on a hot day.  Handmade gifts, given and received.  Photographs.  Long conversations with old friends.  A cup of wonderful coffee.

Talking with my son, listening to my grand-daughter, talking with my daughter-in-law.  A weekend away from home.  Delicious food.  Chocolate.

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It also makes me happy to help someone.  Being there when a friend is needed.  Giving encouragement and affirmation.  Sharing good news.  Letting someone help me.


It makes me happy to be grateful.  Letting go of the worry about what is to become of me and instead becoming grateful for what I have, and the knowledge that it is enough.  This makes me feel such a peaceful happiness, like sleeping in the arms of a loved one.

Live in Peace and Love

Pretty much anything that does not serve the purpose of happiness and love is no longer important to me.  I do get concerned about what is going on in our country and in our world because I truly believe that  everyone else deserves to be happy too.  I realize that everyone has different ideas about what will make them happy and for some it involves justice.  I believe everyone should have the justice they need.  It makes me happy to bring the awareness of these needs to others, because I believe that the sooner we all work to make life better for everyone, the sooner we can all realize peace.

What makes me happy?  It’s up to me to decide that every day.

Your turn now!  What makes you happy?




What do you consider relevant?

Rather than doing rants about injustices I think it would be more beneficial for all if I posts articles about events and people who are taking a stand and making progress for peace and justice in the country and the world.

I want to stay positive, adding the negativity of ranting and resistance will not really help the highest good.  I believe that words, whether spoken or written, have their own energy.  The more positive energy we create the better is it for the highest good for all.

We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

Some of my posts will celebrate those who have gone before us to promote peace and justice.  I think their stories are encouraging to those who slog through the systems that need reforming, those who work tirelessly to the point of exhaustion trying to find ways to better our existence.

What would YOU like to read about in these areas?  What do you consider relevant?  Who do you know that is doing the good work?  Please comment below and I will use the information to create my posts!

The Injustice of Medical Care Inequality

I don’t have any pretty pictures for this post.  All I have is indignation, concern and questions!  I am pretty good at doing research but the Affordable Care Act has me baffled.

The question at the front of my mind right now is this:  how can the federal government pass a bill into law that does not fully apply to the entire country?

It’s my understanding that the reason for this Act was to provide affordable medical care access to everyone.  There are supposedly affordable plans for everyone of every income level and if you have low or no income you are supposed to be able to get Medicaid.

Yet the law leaves it up to each state to decide whether or not that state will accept the expanded Medicaid plan.

How did this law pass Congress and get signed into action by the Democratic President of the United States with a huge loophole like this?

Do you know what this loophole means?  It means that someone  like myself, who is unemployed due to disability but is still waiting for the Social Security Administration to decide that I am actually disabled, someone like me who lives in a red state like Texas, still can not get Medicaid.

It means that my son, who is a manager at the company he works for, can not get affordable insurance because the plan offered by his employer is so expensive that if my son takes it, he will be bringing home less money on payday than he has in the past eight years.  Why doesn’t he have a better choice?

Why am I left dependent on the county healthcare service because I have no income?  Why do I not qualify for MedicaidWhy do I have to PROVE to the county hospital that I applied for and was denied Medicaid in a state that does not have expanded Medicaid?  Why do I have to prove this?

I am a Democrat.  I voted for Obama, I trusted that he would take care of this.  Why was it so important to get this so-called “Affordable” Care Act into law so fast that he could not wait until a more acceptable version was passed by Congress?

I know this Congress hates Obama.  I know that they try at every turn to block the things he wants to do for this country.

But I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why this bill was passed into law as broken as it was from the start!  WHY?  TO WHAT END?

This blog article is not like the articles I have posted.  I am going to keep on posting my usual stuff, but this year – 2015 – I am also going to take on subjects about peace and justice.

Tonight I have on my mind that the Affordable Care Act as it is right now, is an INJUSTICE!  If you agree, please repost this blog article!

NOTE:  Please comment with any information you have on good authority regarding the ACA, and also submit topics relating to Peace and Justice for future articles.  I WANT to KNOW what YOU want to hear about!!