Fragile Glass

blue glass









There are few things as beautiful

as hand-blown glass

nondescript long clear rods


submit to fire and melt

while the artist turns a hand

shape and color come forth

as small zoo creatures

or large wavy art bowls

little carousels with wavy lace

and gold tipped horses

don’t drop it!

glass like this

is fragile

easily broken

handle with care….

I am glass.

Susan Hudson 10/4/14

glass wolf



Picture Book



A book of memories
in pictures
not in words
so I won’t forget
how she looked
at any age
just turn a page
and there she is
again, but new
a little older
but just as beautiful
as the first day.

It’s true
I have captured her soul!

I’ll make up the words
as I go along
as I notice things
not noticed before
each picture remains
and becomes new again.

Comments desired and welcome!

We Are Love, We Are One


I am Love
I am Grateful
I am Happy
I am Abundant
I am blessed
I am called
I am finding my way
I am alone but not alone
I am thoughts
I am words
I am soft
I am inspired
I am a teacher
I am a student
I am earth
I am sky
I am water
I am everything I want to be
All I had to do was


She is Love.
She is Learning
She is Hungry
She is Growing
She is Sorry
She is Forgiving
She is Playful
She is Sympathetic
She is Art,
She is Poetry in short bursts
She is Warmth
She is a Tantrum
She is Demanding
She is Brave and explores
She is Becoming
She is a Gift
She is a Lesson
She is my Earth
She is my Sky
She is my Water
She is my Starburst
She Came from me
She is Here for me
and I for her
She is here With me
and I with her

She does not belong to me
We are One.

A Choice To Make



Frailty creeps through our blood

the young think they will live forever

never get really sick

but life is snuffed out in minutes

or years

and others shed tears

grieving, become consumed by fear

fear is worse than frailty

Sometimes you can get stronger

But fear eats away at you

if you don’t shut it out

it will eat you alive

to survive

say no

no fear

no terror

no darkness

no loneliness

look outside yourself

and reach up and out

breath in and shout



Tree Lady

I need to write

words won’t come near

I can’t feel the Light

that guides me here

how can I reach

or hope to teach

those who would my path draw near

The Light is here

I don’t feel but know

my mind is tired

the words won’t show

no tears no rant just solitude

I close my eyes

quiet my mood

release desire open my mind

envisioning Light and all It’s Kind

washing my soul

filling me up  making me whole

reminding me there is no fight

after all It is the Light

Susan Hudson   7/20/2014