The Injustice of Medical Care Inequality

I don’t have any pretty pictures for this post.  All I have is indignation, concern and questions!  I am pretty good at doing research but the Affordable Care Act has me baffled.

The question at the front of my mind right now is this:  how can the federal government pass a bill into law that does not fully apply to the entire country?

It’s my understanding that the reason for this Act was to provide affordable medical care access to everyone.  There are supposedly affordable plans for everyone of every income level and if you have low or no income you are supposed to be able to get Medicaid.

Yet the law leaves it up to each state to decide whether or not that state will accept the expanded Medicaid plan.

How did this law pass Congress and get signed into action by the Democratic President of the United States with a huge loophole like this?

Do you know what this loophole means?  It means that someone  like myself, who is unemployed due to disability but is still waiting for the Social Security Administration to decide that I am actually disabled, someone like me who lives in a red state like Texas, still can not get Medicaid.

It means that my son, who is a manager at the company he works for, can not get affordable insurance because the plan offered by his employer is so expensive that if my son takes it, he will be bringing home less money on payday than he has in the past eight years.  Why doesn’t he have a better choice?

Why am I left dependent on the county healthcare service because I have no income?  Why do I not qualify for MedicaidWhy do I have to PROVE to the county hospital that I applied for and was denied Medicaid in a state that does not have expanded Medicaid?  Why do I have to prove this?

I am a Democrat.  I voted for Obama, I trusted that he would take care of this.  Why was it so important to get this so-called “Affordable” Care Act into law so fast that he could not wait until a more acceptable version was passed by Congress?

I know this Congress hates Obama.  I know that they try at every turn to block the things he wants to do for this country.

But I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why this bill was passed into law as broken as it was from the start!  WHY?  TO WHAT END?

This blog article is not like the articles I have posted.  I am going to keep on posting my usual stuff, but this year – 2015 – I am also going to take on subjects about peace and justice.

Tonight I have on my mind that the Affordable Care Act as it is right now, is an INJUSTICE!  If you agree, please repost this blog article!

NOTE:  Please comment with any information you have on good authority regarding the ACA, and also submit topics relating to Peace and Justice for future articles.  I WANT to KNOW what YOU want to hear about!!


2 thoughts on “The Injustice of Medical Care Inequality

  1. It takes someone with at least two full days of extra time and the patience of Job to fill out the application. Hold time for questions has been up to an hour, and then I can’t always understand the speaker because they don’t speak good English. I’m well educated. I can’t imagine what those with less education are going through!

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    • it is a mess! I just went online and went as far as I could go. I don’t have any income right now, so I can buy anything they have and in Texas I don’t qualify for Medicaid, so now I have to take my ACA application to the county hospital and reapply for their services, proving that I was turned down for Medicaid in a state where there isn’t any expanded Medicaid anyway! So stupid…I can’t imagine what other people are going through, those who don’t speak english or spanish, those who can’t read and have to trust someone to help them…it’s just not working.


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