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The Injustice of Medical Care Inequality

I don’t have any pretty pictures for this post.  All I have is indignation, concern and questions!  I am pretty good at doing research but the Affordable Care Act has me baffled.

The question at the front of my mind right now is this:  how can the federal government pass a bill into law that does not fully apply to the entire country?

It’s my understanding that the reason for this Act was to provide affordable medical care access to everyone.  There are supposedly affordable plans for everyone of every income level and if you have low or no income you are supposed to be able to get Medicaid.

Yet the law leaves it up to each state to decide whether or not that state will accept the expanded Medicaid plan.

How did this law pass Congress and get signed into action by the Democratic President of the United States with a huge loophole like this?

Do you know what this loophole means?  It means that someone  like myself, who is unemployed due to disability but is still waiting for the Social Security Administration to decide that I am actually disabled, someone like me who lives in a red state like Texas, still can not get Medicaid.

It means that my son, who is a manager at the company he works for, can not get affordable insurance because the plan offered by his employer is so expensive that if my son takes it, he will be bringing home less money on payday than he has in the past eight years.  Why doesn’t he have a better choice?

Why am I left dependent on the county healthcare service because I have no income?  Why do I not qualify for MedicaidWhy do I have to PROVE to the county hospital that I applied for and was denied Medicaid in a state that does not have expanded Medicaid?  Why do I have to prove this?

I am a Democrat.  I voted for Obama, I trusted that he would take care of this.  Why was it so important to get this so-called “Affordable” Care Act into law so fast that he could not wait until a more acceptable version was passed by Congress?

I know this Congress hates Obama.  I know that they try at every turn to block the things he wants to do for this country.

But I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why this bill was passed into law as broken as it was from the start!  WHY?  TO WHAT END?

This blog article is not like the articles I have posted.  I am going to keep on posting my usual stuff, but this year – 2015 – I am also going to take on subjects about peace and justice.

Tonight I have on my mind that the Affordable Care Act as it is right now, is an INJUSTICE!  If you agree, please repost this blog article!

NOTE:  Please comment with any information you have on good authority regarding the ACA, and also submit topics relating to Peace and Justice for future articles.  I WANT to KNOW what YOU want to hear about!!


Woven Together

From the blog written by my friend Darren, a worthy read, an elegant poem!

darren's thinking


There are not any divisions.

Just as body, mind, soul

are woven together,

social, political, spiritual

are a tapestry that intersects,

encircles, spirals, influences,

leading from one to the other.

They are not in separate boxes

on separate shelves.

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In God We Trust

From my friend Darren’s blog, good information about money and scriptures.

darren's thinking

REFUSE NEW COINS This simple action will make a strong statement.  Please help do this.. Refuse to accept these when they are handed to you. I received one from the Post Office as change and I asked for a dollar bill instead.  The lady just smiled and said 'way to go' , so she had read this e -mail.  Please help out..our world is in enough trouble without this too!!!!! U.S. Government to Release New Dollar Coins You guessed it 'IN GOD WE TRUST'IS GONE from the front and back!!! If ever there was a reason to boycott something,  THIS IS IT!!!! DO NOT ACCEPT THE NEW DOLLAR COINS AS CHANGE Together we can force them out of circulation.. Please send to all on your mailing list!

A variation of this meme is back in my Facebook newsfeed. “Refuse new coins.” The meme tells us. Apparently, not having the words “In God We Trust” engraved on the coin is something horrible.

“In God We Trust” first appeared on U.S. coins starting in 1864, 90 years after our founding. 1956 was when “In God We Trust” first appeared on U.S. paper currency, replacing the original U.S. motto, E pluribus unum, 182 years after our founding.

I suppose I could write what is already written in other places, but I will just link you to the Wikipedia entry. In my opinion, this is yet another in a long list of non-issues, but I will offer an opinion on it just the same.

This is usually an issue that upsets the evangelical Christian Right.

What first comes to mind, the topic of money comes up in the Bible 800 times. More times than…

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Fifty Five – Where Do I Go From Here…

birthday cake candles lit

Having just faced my 55th birthday I have been thinking and deciding what to do with the second half of my life. I spent the first half raising a child, working hard in corporate America and trying to save for retirement. When I think about those years I realize I was always looking forward, which is better than looking back, I suppose.

I also realize that I have missed out on many opportunities by not paying attention to the now. What do I want right NOW? How can I be happy NOW? Where can I find fulfillment NOW?

Now, not later.

Not Wasting Away

I am unable to work in the corporate world any longer due to disability. I don’t intend to just waste away either! I am a grandmother now and this gives me such joy. I serve in my church and this gives me much satisfaction. I believe I am going to be around for some time, but all the plans I made for my future dried up when I got sick.

Three QuestionsGirl who walks alone

It is those three questions stated earlier in this post that are driving me. What do I want? I want to be happy and fulfilled. I have decided that I have three avenues to achieve this. Being a grandmother, speaking at church, and writing. These things will carry me into the future and sustain me, while at the same time keeping me anchored in the now.

Realizing Valuedscf0652

When I am with my grand-daughter life changes at a moments notice and everything is a miracle. When I am speaking at church, I first must write, and I must focus on what my words are and how they will help someone right now. It is important to me that people realize their value, their purpose and that they are loved unconditionally.

Love is All

I have worked hard to realize and believe these truths for myself and I know that this knowledge of being loved beyond measure and having a purpose is what saves us.

And just as important to me, I find that writing has become my drive and my goal, the journey of my now and my future.

Pen to Paper What is YOUR dream?  How do you want to spend the rest of your life?  What makes you happy?  Please…comment below and share your thoughts with me.

Art never lies

Wonderful! I had never even heard of any female painters from this time period, how refreshing to see that subversive acts of consciousness were happening for women by women, in the artists on life events and how she depicted the ancients stories in her art to be more realistic and inspiring! Thank you for sharing this very well done post!