The Night We First Met


Lloyd Center Rink BW




When I was a senior in high school my best friend and I loved to go to the outdoor ice skating rink on the weekends.

That same year we both worked at a nursing home after school and on weekends. It happened that because of working I was a little behind on my homework, so one  Friday night in January while Saundra went to the rink, I stayed home to get caught up.

BEST FRIENDS MISSION. Around 8 PM the phone rang, Saundra calling me.  “Sue you have to come down to the center right now!”
“Why? What’s going on?”
“There’s a guy, he won’t leave me alone. I don’t want to be rude but I don’t want to be alone with him. You come on down and be with me, he’ll go away, hurry!”

She sounded like this was a real emergency, it must be something really bad for her to get me away from homework and drive all the way over to the rink.

I slammed the book shut, grabbed my coat and asked for the car keys.

“I thought you were doing homework, all done?” from mom.
“Not really, but Saundra thinks she is in trouble at Lloyd Center and she asked me to get down there right away, I think I really should go get her.”







Fifteen minutes later I am walking through the crowd of shoppers at Portland’s only outdoor mall, headed for the rink. I found Saundra without her skates leaning against the barrier wall next to the ice.

“Oh thank God you are here Sue! I really don’t know what to do, can you take me home?”
“What? Home? Now that I am here we might as well skate a little while, don’tcha think?”
“Shhh he is coming over here now!”


I turned to my left and looked… right into a sweater. Then my eyes traveled up, up, up the tallest guy I had ever met to lock into his bright sky blue eyes. Eyes that twinkled like he knew just what was going on!blue-eye

“Hi! I’m Susan!” I just blurted right out, I couldn’t stop myself! If she didn’t like him, I sure as hell did! My heart started popping and the chill from the ice felt colder and magical.

“Skip” he said. “You Saundra’s friend?”
“Yes, I am. She wants to go home but I’d rather skate awhile first.”

“You two go ahead and skate then, I’ll wait here for you Sue”

skates in hand

Off I went to get my skates, my hands shaking as I laced them up. Finally I ventured out. I loved to skate but I wasn’t any good at it.

Then, swoosh! He slid up next to me and took my arm and we skated around the rink. I held on tight as he whirled me around faster than I ever remember. He smelled good, he was so tall! His body was warm next to mine, I could feel the heat through my ski jacket.




That is how I met him, the one I had dreamed and hoped for. I had not been thinking about that when I drove over there. I was on a best friends mission.

MAGICAL MAGNETISM.  But when my eyes locked with his, everything else fled my mind. I didn’t think about my clothes or my makeup worn out from being on my face all day. I didn’t think about my hair or whether I had put on perfume.

It was his eyes. The cool twinkling sky blue that emitted a magic signal.

That was all it eye2


Your turn! How did you meet the one you fell for at first sight?


4 thoughts on “The Night We First Met

    • Hi April, ok its good to know you and Diana are the same person! I am fine, November has been tumultuous and I haven’t been able to write much at all. But things are looking better now. Hope all is well with you too!


    • oh yes, must less traumatic than yours, but your story was great and it inspired me to write about mine! Strangly enough, I met my second husband almost the same way, and he had those same blue eyes! Sadly, neither marriage lasted, so now I know to look past those eyes into the soul first.


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