It’s Not An Obesity Epidemic

Found this article on a blog called Dances With Fat. If you have ever had a weight problem, read this. Really, read it and read the comments!

Dances With Fat

DefendAh the obesity epidemic.  The media can’t get enough of talking about it. But what are we fighting against? Trumped up charges of fat people causing additional health care costs, or how much we cost the workplace?  People who decided that we’ve have strayed too far from the stereotypical beauty standard?

And what are we fighting for?  A world without people whose weight in pounds times 703 divided by their height in inches squared is greater than 30?  A world where we find a group of people who we can identify by sight, decide that they are too expensive, and systematically attempt to eradicate them through means that hardly ever work but generate tremendous profits across multiple industries?

What weapons do we have?  The first study that showed that weight loss fails 95% of the time happened in 1959.  Since then the same result has been repeated in…

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