Samantha and the Deer


Samantha will be four years old in just a few months.  She has changed so much since she was a two-year old!  Watching her grow is so amazing.

She has so much energy! But then, all children her age do.  Hasn’t everyone said “If I could just bottle some of that kid’s energy and sell it I’d be rich!”

Sometimes her patience doesn’t keep up with her energy.  She wants what she wants and she wants it right now!  Or, she doesn’t want it at all!  What she really wants is to be in control.  Her Daddy tells her he is the boss, that Mommy is the boss.  I think Sammie would like to be the boss!

We had a rain storm recently and her parents let her play in the rain on the driveway, they made a video of it.  I watched, watched her run in and out, dance around with hands in the air.  Joyfully getting drenched and celebrating the rain!

Her Daddy used to do the very same thing!

On her last visit over here she played “soccer” with PaPa, and stayed awake until nearly eleven pm.  She was just so wound up.  Nope, I had not filled her up with candy or anything like that.  She was just excited to be here and full of excess energy.  By the time I got her settled and turned off the light I was so exhausted!


What amazes me about Samantha is how she can go from one extreme to another if her interest is engaged.   Over Labor Day weekend we went to her Nana’s house on the lake.  It’s about a two-hour drive from where we live.  She was excited about going and that I was going with them this time.  She talked and sang nearly the whole time!  We stopped at a rest stop and she worried about me keeping up with her, worried about leaving me in the ladies room!  Once we were back outside, someone was letting their dog walk around and of course she had to go and talk to it, pet it.

I can see why they love to go down to the lake house.  It’s so peaceful there.   The house backs up to the lake almost. There is a patio, steps that go down a sloped lawn then several yards of green lawn spread out to the lake.  There are no fences between neighbors, the kids just run and play the length of the grassy lawn.  Sammie and her cousin Ellie ran back and fourth all over the place.  Then went with the men and Ellie’s mom Heather on the boat.

In the evening, Sammie’s PaPa Dan brought out a bucket with a lid, and Nana brought out some carrots.  Dan shook the bucket to make a loud rattling sound.  In just a few minutes the deer came running over!

Four Does and about three Fawn.  Then more came!   Sammie and Ellie started throwing corn out to them and Nana tossed down some carrots.   I think we ended up having four or five Bucks, a dozen Does and about seven Fawn.   Those Does were very protective.  They would chase away the bucks and not let them have the food.  One pregnant doe had her eye on a half carrot.  A buck was after it too.   Every time he got close to it she would jump at him and knock him with her head.  He would back off and she would walk around that piece of carrot in a circle, but she never did eat it!  She just did not want him to have it!

After awhile Ellie got some of the deer to come over and eat from her hand.  Sammie would take a step toward them to see and the deer would back off.  I could see this was irritating to Ellie, but she stepped up to the problem really well.

She told Sammie to come and sit down.  Then she put some corn in Sammie’s hand and told her to hold it out to the deer, be very quiet and wait.   I watched Sammie holding her hand straight out, not a waver.  She was so still and waited so patiently on the deer to come to her, I could not believe it was my same energetic Sammie!

The deer came over to her and nibbled from her hand and her face lit up like a Christmas tree!  She was so thrilled!


My baby grand-daughter is becoming a complex little girl.   All in a few hours she will sit still and paint, run out side to kick the ball around, come back in and play with a dollhouse or her baby dolls, paint again.   Jump up and down on the bed, then lay back for a story.   And she always needs to have the last word, (like her grandma and her daddy) so she ends the evening by telling me a story that she makes up, just before we turn out the light to sleep.

I try to take pictures of everything she does when she is with me, but I could sit at the lake house and watch her feed the deer for hours.   She loves animals, and they love her too.



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