We Are Love, We Are One


I am Love
I am Grateful
I am Happy
I am Abundant
I am blessed
I am called
I am finding my way
I am alone but not alone
I am thoughts
I am words
I am soft
I am inspired
I am a teacher
I am a student
I am earth
I am sky
I am water
I am everything I want to be
All I had to do was


She is Love.
She is Learning
She is Hungry
She is Growing
She is Sorry
She is Forgiving
She is Playful
She is Sympathetic
She is Art,
She is Poetry in short bursts
She is Warmth
She is a Tantrum
She is Demanding
She is Brave and explores
She is Becoming
She is a Gift
She is a Lesson
She is my Earth
She is my Sky
She is my Water
She is my Starburst
She Came from me
She is Here for me
and I for her
She is here With me
and I with her

She does not belong to me
We are One.

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