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Comments from Readers requested!!

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I appreciate everyone who reads my blog posts!  I love it when I see how many views a post has received.

Could you all do a favor for me?  Please leave some comments on the blog site when you read.  I need your comments!  You are all my beta-readers and I want to know what you think about what I am writing.  If you think I could use a different phrase, or see something spelled incorrectly, I want to know. Do you have a question?  I need to know if you were moved or bored.  I need to know why you were moved or why you were bored!   All of this information makes me a better writer and it is my dream to become a really great writer and to be published some day.  Thank you, all of you, for reading and leaving the comments.

Susan Hudson


My Earrings Are Missing!


This is what happens when you are careless!

I have a pair of earrings that are one my favorite Christmas gifts.  My mother put them in my stocking approximately ten years ago, when I was in my forties.  They are 14k gold hoops with 3 stones on each.  A Citrine, a Peridot and an Amethyst.   These represent the birthstones for myself and my two grandmothers.  I do not have a  lot of real gold jewelry, this gift is very meaningful to me.  Even more so because I loved my grandmothers so very much and I feel them with me most of the time.  Wearing their stones with mine is a tribute to the connectedness we have.

I realize that I am careless by nature.  I don’t pick up after myself until I am ready for my place to be clean or until I need something that I can’t find.  I don’t make my bed.  It has gotten so bad at times that my cats would take up residence on top of a pile of clothes in my bedroom!

On this particular day I wanted to wear the earrings.  I do not remember what clothing I was wearing or whether I was going to work or to church or what day it was.

I opened my jewelry box to get the earrings… they were not there!

They were not on the makeup table.  On the nightstand? No.  I started a methodical search through the house.  Starting with the obvious places where I tend to put small things.  I looked on top of the microwave.  I checked my computer desk and the little dish I keep there for pennies and post-its and paperclips.  I checked the shelf by the washing machine.

I looked on the end tables in the living room.  There was a TV tray, one of the wooden kind, next to the recliner and I looked there.  I looked under every pile of everything that was piled up anywhere!

I could feel myself start to panic.  What would I tell my mother?   She always kept things from me when I was a child and young adult because she didn’t want me to lose them.  Once, a kid broke into my apartment and stole my small jewelry box which contained my wedding jewelry, a 14k gold charm bracelet and several pieces of sentimental costume jewelry.  So I understood her concern.  Now finally she trusted me enough to have given me these earrings that were precious and  valuable and I had actually lost them!

The only place I had not searched yet was the bathroom.  There was a small pile of silver jewelry next to the sink, I went through it carefully.  No gold earrings there.  I checked the drawer and the cupboards, no earrings there either.

Stepping back into the hallway, shaking with anxiety, I stopped and said a prayer.

“Dear God, I need your help.  I have lost the gold earrings my mother gave me.  I love these earrings and I obviously do not deserve them because I didn’t take better care and now I can’t find them.  Please help me, not for myself because I know I don’t deserve it, but for my mother, so that she won’t be hurt by my stupid carelessness.  Thank you Lord, In Jesus name, Amen”

I remember the exact words of that prayer all these years later because that is how important this was to me and how upset and disappointed I was feeling.

Without thinking about what I was doing now, I walked back to that wooden TV tray and started to reach for a pile of stuff.  My hand stopped midway there.  I could not believe my eyes!  There were my earrings!  In plain sight, not under a pile of anything else!

I had looked there already! I know I did because I had moved everything around.  I know without a doubt that those earrings were not there when I was looking for them!

I snatched them up and closed my hand around them, feeling the cool metal on the palm of my hand.  Closing my eyes, I lifted my face toward heaven and silently thanked God and thanked the Angel who was sent to put the earrings where I could find them.  This was one of the times in my life when I felt completely filled with gratitude and relief!

Happily I put them on and went about my day.  I said nothing about this to anyone for a long time.  Now and then when I am involved in a conversation about angels I share this story.  I really believe there are angels with us all the time, but they are just waiting to be asked to help us.  For me, this story proves it.

I am still a slob about housekeeping.  I work at it.  I have gotten rid of a lot of things that I wasn’t using and didn’t need to simplify my life somewhat.  I still have little piles here and there but I have more drawers and I generally know what is in them.  When I change purses I always make sure to get everything out of the purse I am putting away and at least put the small miscellaneous things by my computer if not in a drawer.  I am trying to be more diligent.

I have learned some things from this incident.  I have learned that God cares about what I care about.  I have learned that God honors humility.  I have learned that there is an angel with me willing to help at any time.  I have learned that material things have meaning not because of the worldly value, but because of the connections to loved ones represented in the gift.

In 2008 when my son decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him, I gathered up all of my gold jewelry so he could get credit against the cost of the engagement ring.  I gave him the diamond from my wedding set to use in the ring he was having custom made for his beloved.  I did not give him these earrings.

I never have misplaced those earrings again.  I know exactly where they are at any moment.  I have them under lock and key!


Readers:  Please leave comments! Any comments about how this story may have touched you, something you may have learned, something you disagree with, mistakes in my writing and spelling, anything at all because it helps be become a better writer!  Thank you.

Writters Who Were Late Bloormers

Please go this link to read about some famous writers who did not write or publish until after age 30, some much much later than that!  So if you are middle aged like I am, take heart!  It is not too late!  Write, Write, Write!


Enjoy and leave some comments!


Amen Is Beautiful


angel child

Samantha came to visit me last weekend.  We had the usual fun, but we also did some new things.  I had bought her some watercolors, various paint brushes and some good watercolor paper.  My mother bought her a bouncy playground ball, she also bought her a pink and silver soccer ball.

We painted off and on all day, including her fingernails. She was very interested in the different lines she could paint with different brushes.

PaPa went outside with her and they kicked the soccer ball around.  She is pretty good at it, she had played “soccer” with the kids at the nanny’s house until they all went back to school this Fall.

She was so full of energy, even bath time seemed to energize her and not get her relaxed.  We didn’t get to sleep until almost eleven PM!  Morning came early, and she didn’t wake me up this…

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Knocking Heads With My Doctor

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I admit it, I am overweight.   Not just a little, quite a bit.   It wasn’t always like this.  I had a cute figure in high school and even though I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy, I lost half of that weight right away.  My husband at the time kept after me to lose the rest of the weight.  I tried to, I really did.  Now when I look at pictures of myself from that time and during the time my son was little, I can see that I did not look fat.  I just had a more womanly figure than a high school girl!

Unfortunately my son’s father decided to stop paying child support when my son was seven and I was unprepared for the full cost of summer day care at the YMCA.  In order to pay for that I had to cut back on our grocery money.   I had just enough each week to buy rice, beans, hot dogs, bread, peanut butter and jelly, snack cakes    ( for his lunch), milk, cereal, and popsicles.    This is what we had every day for the whole summer.  I didn’t ask for help, I didn’t think anyone would help me.  I didn’t know about food banks and I knew since I had a full-time job I would not get food stamps.

When school started the day care costs were cut in half and I was able to buy us regular groceries again.  I remember how full my cupboard and refrigerator were!  I would get up at night and eat something.  After a couple of weeks I realized what I was doing.  After that I still got up at night but I would just look at the food and tell myself that it would still be there in the morning.

By the time my son was eight he was really showing his ADHD.  I had him evaluated and he was put on Ritalin.  It wasn’t enough.  The teacher told me he was not able to keep up with reading.  That most of his work was illegible.  The doctor told me my son would need further testing which I could not afford, so he sponsored us to get into Shriner’s Hospital.  But the waiting list was long and I was told I would not have an appointment until November.  At that point I went to my doctor and asked for some medication for my nerves, just until I could get my son the help he needed.

My doctor had me fill out a questionnaire and based on my answers he said I was clinically depressed.  He put me on a tri-cyclic anti-depressive.  It worked pretty good too, I felt a lot better and I had a lot more energy.  A lot!  In fact, I didn’t stop moving until about half an hour after I took that pill each evening!

There was a problem though.  With all that energy, I wanted to eat.  And I did.  I cooked and I ate.  In three months time I gained fifty pounds!  After six months, I stopped taking that medication.  I was feeling a lot better, more in control, and my son had been properly diagnosed and was on a personalized education plan at school.

That weight never came off.  It didn’t matter what I tried.  Slim-fast, diet pills, Weight Watchers, Over-eaters Anonymous, Slim-fast again. I even tried Atkins three times and joined a gym three different times.  Then I tried a modified Atkins plan.   I even saw a nutritionist.  The most weight I could lose was fifteen pounds. Then I would gain twice as much back.  Each time.   That really adds up.

I was now wearing plus size clothing and wide width shoes.  My blood pressure became a problem and I was having heart palpitations.  My son was also a teen by then and my new doctor blamed it all on the stress of motherhood.

Over the years situations at work were stressful, I married and divorced my second husband, tried to commit suicide, had a car accident, had recurring problems with depression.  The only thing that was consoling to me was food.  I tried to eat healthy food.  But it was so much easier to get fast food at lunch when I was working.  I loved Taco Bell and Chinese food!

Now I had another new doctor and ongoing health problems.  She never said too much about my weight.   My son grew up and moved out.  I was alone.  At first I kept right on cooking, but I was used to cooking for two.  That was ok, I would have dinner and the rest for lunch the next day.   Then I pretty much stopped cooking.  Back at Weight Watchers again, I was buying their frozen entrees for lunch and dinner and eating fruit.   Nothing changed, I lost that same old fifteen pounds again, and gained back thirty.

Then I entered peri-menopause.   I was crying all the time.  My doctor put me on antidepressants and a natural hormone.  I gave up trying to lose weight.  I ate whatever I wanted.  Peri-menopause became real menopause, my son got married, I was feeling pretty happy, and I ate what ever I wanted.

Bacon Corn

Then, things at work became really bad.  I saw a counselor who told me I had general anxiety disorder in addition to the depression and she gave me a form to take to my doctor.  Guess what?  Another pill.  And when things at work became worse still, my blood pressure went up again so she added a second blood pressure medication.

The next thing that happened? I was diagnosed with more health problems.  Fibromyalgia, which prevents me from exerting myself, so I can’t exercise except for walking.  Then diabetes, more medication, another visit to a nutritionist.  Hello artificial sweeteners, which we now know causes you to actually GAIN weight!   After trying again to lose weight and having no success the doctor told me I have metabolic syndrome X, which means my metabolism is shot.  This is what happens when you diet too much!

After that came the recurring pain in my lower back.  I tried seeing a chiropractor and when that didn’t help my doctor sent me for an MRI.  We found out that I have a degenerative joint disease in all five lumbar vertebrae, the worst spot being my SI joint.  This is causing extreme nerve pain in my lower back and hips.

I can’t sit for more than an hour unless I am reclined.  I can’t stand up for more than three minutes without sitting down.  I can’t walk more than half a block without my back seizing up on me.  Basically I can not exercise because I am either in too much pain, or my fibromyalgia gets triggered.

After losing my job and insurance I had to switch over to the county hospital for medical care.   They are not as free with the pain pills as my other doctor was.  I have to pee in a cup every month and I can only get enough pills each month to take twice a day.  It doesn’t matter that they wear off after 4 hours!

Yesterday I saw my doctor for my pain management visit.  I told him it was getting worse.  The shots I received from the orthopedist didn’t last  more than two weeks.  The ablation procedure that the orthopedic surgeon did on my right side worked a little bit but did not take all the pain away on that side, and now that surgeon has quit and a replacement hasn’t been hired yet.  I can’t  get the left side done until they hire someone.  I told him also that the pain was now in my hips.  He said it’s the same SI joint, but I don’t see how.  He didn’t do an xray to rule out arthritis or send me for an MRI to find out if it IS the SI joint!

We had talked about my weight over the past year.  I really appreciated that he cared, he is the only doctor I have seen who told me that my weight is a factor.  I knew that, but no other doctor seemed to worry about it.   I finally did enough research to come up with a plan that he agreed with, and I lost five pounds in July.  But I have only lost one pound since then.

He got really upset with me this time.  He told me I had to quit lying around the house and start moving around.   He told me I had to stop all grains, even whole grains, even if it was sugar-free.  He told me that if I didn’t start losing some weight he would stop giving me my pain medication!

Hey!  I am trying!  I do NOT lay around the house all day!  I get up every day and get dressed.  I help with the cooking.  I do my laundry.  I am in pain!  I have fibromyalgia and it hurts and it makes me tired! I have to lay down for a while in the afternoon.   I am depressed, I am taking all the medication I can for that but it’s not quite enough and it makes me tired.  Exhausted.  I can not get over how exhausted I am!  My back and my hips hurt when I walk or stand!  I have metabolic syndrome so weight loss is very very slow for me.  What is it about this picture that he doesn’t get?

My feelings were hurt but I was in too much shock over his tone of voice that I could not cry.  I want to though.

Instead, when I see him in two weeks to go over my blood work I am going to tell him that I do not appreciate being threatened.  That I do not appreciate being talked to in that tone of voice.  I am a human being and I deserve the same respect that I show to him.

I will do what I can.  I will see the nutritionist even though I know it won’t help.  I will try to walk more but I will have to lay down afterward.  If that is not enough, I will have to request another doctor.  I don’t know what else to do.

I pray that God will help me, help me lose some weight and help  me endure the pain I am in.  Help me feel less depressed.  Show me what else I can do to help myself that I haven’t already done.

I invite all readers to leave a comment on this post, it will be appreciated!

About Me and Avon Products

021Avon Daring background

This blog post is to tell you a little bit about myself and why I am selling Avon Products while also trying to start a career in writing.

I am disabled enough now that I can not work outside my home.  It is my dream to be a writer and I am pursuing this dream now, the second half of my life.

I have applied for SSDI but it is now a court battle, and I don’t know when it will be approved or if I will have to start the process all over again.

Meanwhile, I need an income.  My attorney told me that I can earn up to $1000.00 a month and not lose my claim, but no more than that.

Years ago when I was working full-time, I sold Avon on the side.  I did quite well.  One reason for that is my co-workers bought from me, so I had a ready-made customer base.

This time around, it is not as easy.  I don’t work in an office or have co-workers.  I am not able to get out and walk the neighborhood blocks knocking on doors and leaving brochures on doorknobs.

I have a great many wonderful friends on Facebook, some of whom I have known all my life, some I have connected with because we belong to the same faith movement, and some I met from playing Farmtown and Farmville back in 2002.  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends  and grateful for those who are placing orders with me.

Another new thing about Avon is that now I can have an online store and sell to anyone anywhere in the USA.   This is really great because I have a lot of relatives around the state and some scattered around the country.  And of course my Facebook friends are all over the country as well!

Just the same, it is harder this time because I have to work harder to get customers.  I can’t get out much but when I do I take the Avon brochures with me and leave them at the salon, the doctor’s office, the mechanics, or anywhere else I might go.  Mom and Dad are good about taking brochures with them on their errands as well.

Every two weeks I take the latest brochures to church and leave them in the foyer, and I have picked up a few customers that way.  The Christmas season is about to be upon us, and I am sure I will pick up more customers.

The proceeds from my Avon sales are to help me with my writing, buy clothes, take care of various needs like car inspection and tags.  My son has been paying for my doctors and medications.  I would like to take that burden from him, and pay for those things myself, but I need to sell more Avon to do that.

Avon is a great company to work with.  They do wonderful things for the sales representatives.  They raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and for Domestic Violence Awareness, sometimes called Women’s Empowerment.


($5.00 for each Vitale Cream goes to Avon Breast Cancer Research)

The products are top of the line.  Avon has its own labs and they are on the cutting edge of skin care and anti-aging products.  They have come classic colognes that remain a favorite in the market, and they are always adding new perfumes that appeal to the latest generation of women and men.

7S kit

Anew Genics free

Anew Genetics for targeted treatment – all skin types – all ages








Avon’s cosmetics are not tested on animals and most, if not all, of it is allergy free. All of it is dermatologist tested.   There are a multitude of shades to choose from in foundations, eye shadows, eye liners, mascaras, blushes, lip colors, lip liners, nail colors, nail care products.  They even have loose mineral foundation and blush!


ExtraLasting cream to powder foundation with sunscreen lasts up to 18 hours, sweat resistant, my favorite!





bold lipstick

They have bath and shaving products for men as well as a variety of colognes and after-shaves.    They have fun and colorful bath products for children, as well as toys and clothes.

They carry women’s clothing that includes plus sizes, shoes and purses.  Their jewelry is highly popular, and all of it is nickel free.  That means it will not cause your skin or ears to be irritated and the metal color will not turn.  Some of the jewelry is sterling silver.

Pearl set

Interchangeable freshwater pearl pendants in multiple colors










ice cold necklace mark

Avon also carries specialty items like candles, kitchen ware, holiday decorations, body lotions, bubble bath, hand creams, deodorants,  and cutting edge hair products.

I myself use Avon for all my cosmetic, bath and body scent needs.  I love all the products but I do have my favorites!


Please go to my online store, register, and shop around.  There are many online specials that are not available in the hard copy brochure!  My contact information is on the website, please feel free to call me or send an email if you have questions about any of the products.

Your business will help me to support myself, and I will be so grateful to be your Avon Lady!



Samantha and the Deer


Samantha will be four years old in just a few months.  She has changed so much since she was a two-year old!  Watching her grow is so amazing.

She has so much energy! But then, all children her age do.  Hasn’t everyone said “If I could just bottle some of that kid’s energy and sell it I’d be rich!”

Sometimes her patience doesn’t keep up with her energy.  She wants what she wants and she wants it right now!  Or, she doesn’t want it at all!  What she really wants is to be in control.  Her Daddy tells her he is the boss, that Mommy is the boss.  I think Sammie would like to be the boss!

We had a rain storm recently and her parents let her play in the rain on the driveway, they made a video of it.  I watched, watched her run in and out, dance around with hands in the air.  Joyfully getting drenched and celebrating the rain!

Her Daddy used to do the very same thing!

On her last visit over here she played “soccer” with PaPa, and stayed awake until nearly eleven pm.  She was just so wound up.  Nope, I had not filled her up with candy or anything like that.  She was just excited to be here and full of excess energy.  By the time I got her settled and turned off the light I was so exhausted!


What amazes me about Samantha is how she can go from one extreme to another if her interest is engaged.   Over Labor Day weekend we went to her Nana’s house on the lake.  It’s about a two-hour drive from where we live.  She was excited about going and that I was going with them this time.  She talked and sang nearly the whole time!  We stopped at a rest stop and she worried about me keeping up with her, worried about leaving me in the ladies room!  Once we were back outside, someone was letting their dog walk around and of course she had to go and talk to it, pet it.

I can see why they love to go down to the lake house.  It’s so peaceful there.   The house backs up to the lake almost. There is a patio, steps that go down a sloped lawn then several yards of green lawn spread out to the lake.  There are no fences between neighbors, the kids just run and play the length of the grassy lawn.  Sammie and her cousin Ellie ran back and fourth all over the place.  Then went with the men and Ellie’s mom Heather on the boat.

In the evening, Sammie’s PaPa Dan brought out a bucket with a lid, and Nana brought out some carrots.  Dan shook the bucket to make a loud rattling sound.  In just a few minutes the deer came running over!

Four Does and about three Fawn.  Then more came!   Sammie and Ellie started throwing corn out to them and Nana tossed down some carrots.   I think we ended up having four or five Bucks, a dozen Does and about seven Fawn.   Those Does were very protective.  They would chase away the bucks and not let them have the food.  One pregnant doe had her eye on a half carrot.  A buck was after it too.   Every time he got close to it she would jump at him and knock him with her head.  He would back off and she would walk around that piece of carrot in a circle, but she never did eat it!  She just did not want him to have it!

After awhile Ellie got some of the deer to come over and eat from her hand.  Sammie would take a step toward them to see and the deer would back off.  I could see this was irritating to Ellie, but she stepped up to the problem really well.

She told Sammie to come and sit down.  Then she put some corn in Sammie’s hand and told her to hold it out to the deer, be very quiet and wait.   I watched Sammie holding her hand straight out, not a waver.  She was so still and waited so patiently on the deer to come to her, I could not believe it was my same energetic Sammie!

The deer came over to her and nibbled from her hand and her face lit up like a Christmas tree!  She was so thrilled!


My baby grand-daughter is becoming a complex little girl.   All in a few hours she will sit still and paint, run out side to kick the ball around, come back in and play with a dollhouse or her baby dolls, paint again.   Jump up and down on the bed, then lay back for a story.   And she always needs to have the last word, (like her grandma and her daddy) so she ends the evening by telling me a story that she makes up, just before we turn out the light to sleep.

I try to take pictures of everything she does when she is with me, but I could sit at the lake house and watch her feed the deer for hours.   She loves animals, and they love her too.