A Choice To Make



Frailty creeps through our blood

the young think they will live forever

never get really sick

but life is snuffed out in minutes

or years

and others shed tears

grieving, become consumed by fear

fear is worse than frailty

Sometimes you can get stronger

But fear eats away at you

if you don’t shut it out

it will eat you alive

to survive

say no

no fear

no terror

no darkness

no loneliness

look outside yourself

and reach up and out

breath in and shout


2 thoughts on “A Choice To Make

  1. There is no fear in Death. I know there are a lot of people out there who are afraid. Let me assure you there is no fear there! I have been there and was allowed to come back please check out my blog and my up coming book “What Are Your Treasures?”

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    • Thank you for your reply. I know there is no fear in death, but other’s may not. I also view this life as a gift, and I want others to be inspired to live life fully while they have this chance. I am taking a look at your blog, hope you will read more articles on mine too! Susan

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