Samantha’s Concern


Last week was my son’s 35th birthday.  It was during the week so we planned on celebrating on Sunday after church.

Then on Friday we found out that Sammie was sick, she had a pretty high fever so her mother left work to take her to the doctor.  They were thinking maybe strep throat.  But it was a virus, no strep.  She just needed to be home with mommy to control the fever, eat some popsicles and be cuddled.

By Saturday she was better but still not herself completely.  I talked to her and asked her how she was feeling.  “I am ok, I pooped in the potty and now I am playing with my zoo.” she told me.

We decided to go ahead with our plans for Sunday, since we would be at their house and if Sammie didn’t feel good she could lay down anytime and anywhere she wanted.

Mom roasted some corn on the cob, I made some potato salad and Courtney made a chocolate cake.

When we arrived there Sunday afternoon, Sammie was not feeling very sociable.  She didn’t want to say “Hi”, she didn’t want a hug or kiss.  All she would say is ” I just want my mommy”.

I told her that was ok, I wasn’t there to take her away from mommy.  “But, I told her, “I have a little present for you, do you want it?”   She said “Yes, but bring it over here by mommy.”   Courtney lifted her up onto the counter to sit, and I went over by them.

I pulled a small box from my purse and handed it to Samantha.  She struggled with the opening, and I asked her if I could help  her get it open.  “Yes, open it” she said.   I just loosened the top a bit and gave it back to her.  She really does like to open things herself.   She got it open then and pulled out the bottle of teal colored nail polish.  She really liked it, she was silent but very interested in the color.  I showed her how it matched the blouse I was wearing.   After that, she seemed to get into the swing of things.

She decided she was hungry, and could hardly wait for the food to be warmed up.   She ate a hot dog and a cob of corn which she just loves.  After we all finished, Courtney found a candle for the cake and lit it up.  We sang Happy Birthday to daddy, and she helped him blow out that candle.

She sat on my lap a couple of times, but she never did want a kiss or much of a hug.  What she wanted was for me, mommy and GiGi to go upstairs to her room.  So we did that, and admired her big girl bed and her toys and lights, her TV and dolls.  I think she was really pleased to have us all in HER place.

The next day, I went to the hospital for a surgical procedure on my back, to help reduce the chronic pain that I suffer.  Later that evening, my son called.  He had us on speaker and so we put him on speaker and we could all talk together.

I heard Courtney telling Sammie that Grandma had been to the doctor to get help for her back.   Then Sammie said into the phone, “Grandma how are you feeling? Are you ok?”    The sound of her sweet voice asking me that just melted my heart.

“Yes, I said to her, “I am feeling good right now, and I am ok.  The doctor put a big needle in my back but I was asleep so it didn’t hurt and now I feel better.  Sammie how are YOU feeling today?”

“I feel better too”, she said.   Then she told me that she loves me.  “Oh, Sammie I love you too!  And I am so glad you are better today!”  She kissed the phone, and I kissed her back.

I was impressed that all she needed was to be told what happened to me, and she knew what to say on her own.   She is a leader among her friends, but she is showing compassion now, My baby grand-daughter is starting to grow up a little bit.


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