More From Sammie About Where She Came From


On May 17th I posted a conversation I had with Sammie regarding what she remembers about where she came from before being born.  This week she was visiting again, and we picked up the conversation.  First I reminded her about what we had talked about, and she remembered that.

So then I asked her, “Where did you come from before you were with me?”

Sammie:  “Nana” ( her other grandma)

Grandma:  “Oh yes, you did come from both of us, I can see that.  But before you were with us, where were you at? Where did you live?”

Sammie: ( looking up with her eyes, then looking at me) “I lived in the stars!”

Grandma: “Oh how wonderful!  Did you live someplace else before you lived in the stars?”

Sammie: (without thinking about it) “I lived in the moon! The moon is my favorite.”

Grandma: “OHHHH, what was it like there Sammie?”

Sammie: ( with eyes big and wide, leaning toward me) “It was SO beautiful grandma!”

Grandma: “It was beautiful? That’s wonderful! What made it so beautiful?”

Sammie:” There was light, and pink and yellow flowers”, ( remember she said IN the moon, not ON the moon).

Grandma: “OH I bet it is very beautiful there Sammie!”

That was all we covered this time, she is 3 1/2 now and her attention span is naturally trying to move fast to take in as much of her world as she can.

I don’t know if this conversation reflects true memories or not, but the way she spoke about it, the facial expressions, the particular emphasis on different parts of her answers and the current idea going around in certain circles that we come from stardust make me believe her.  I also asked her if anyone was with her in the moon, she said she saw her mommie and daddy, and that her friends were there.  That was as much as I could get from her.  I hope there is enough time left to ask her some other questions, like whether or not she remembers having other mommies and daddies, living in other places besides in the moon.

She is growing so fast, she loves her dolls but she doesn’t really play with them anymore.  She used to be their “mommie” and feed them pretend food and toy bottles, put them to bed and sing to them. Now she just holds them close and cuddles them.  She is more interested in watching some educational TV, ( I never knew Bubble Guppies was an educational program!), painting and making up stories about pictures.

She loves to explore outside, her great-grandmother took her out in our back garden, which is wild with trees and native Texas plants along with a creek bed and a Koi pond.  Sammie learned the names of some of the plants, like Echinacea, Turk’s Cap, Oxalis, Caladium, and more.  She picked some morning-glory blossoms for me and pointed out spider webs.  I took some great pictures of her in this setting, she looks so natural there.  A little child with long hair in a wild green garden.  It was very spiritual for me to watch and observe her, and filled me with gratefulness.

Wherever we lived before this Earth, I am glad to have her with me now, in this time, in this life.  She is such a blessing to this Grandma.


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