Lessons for Sammie and Grandma

The first lesson that I taught Sammie was to ask for help.  She had a new toy and could not get the package open and she growled and started to get angry.  Remembering our mutual agreement to help each other, I said to her “Sammie don’t get mad, ask for help if you need help.”   She calmed down, walked over to me, and said “I can’t open this, help me.”  Of course I did.  I have to occasionally remind her to ask for help but sometimes she does remember on her own.

The next lesson I had to teach her was not to touch my meds. I keep them in a locked train case, but I had it open one morning to get what I needed and she came in and started to pick up the bottles.  Sternly I said NO.  She started to cry, so I put my arms around her and told her I was not mad at her, but that my medicine was dangerous for little children and that is why I don’t want her to touch them, and I told her I was sorry I made her cry.  She is still curious about my meds so I do let her ask questions and answer as best I can, but she does keep her hands out of the case.

The next lesson I taught her was that Grandma needs naps, even if Sammie is not tired.  I know she needs some down time even if she isn’t sleepy, so I have taught her to keep me company while I lay down to rest.  Sometimes she falls asleep, some times she whispers in my ear about things.

On an ongoing basis, I have been teaching her about Jesus.  I know her daddy, whom I raised in church, does not want her to be overly indoctrinated, he wants her to make her own decisions about religion when she is old enough to do so.  I can agree with that, as long as he lets me teach her now about who Jesus is, what he did when he walked the earth, and that he can be her friend.  Daddy has agreed to this.  So I read some stories to her, and I bought her a toddler’s bible which is mostly pictures with short descriptions.  I like this because it allows Sammie to talk to me about the pictures.  She is fascinated by angels now, and gets excited when she sees one in a picture.  I believe that when she was an infant that she talked to her angels when she was “jabbering” herself to sleep in her crib.  I really believe this.  And I think it is part of what she now calls her magic.

The other day I listened to a webinar about the other 11 Laws of Attraction that you don’t hear much about.  These 11 laws seem to be essential in living a fulfilling life, not just about gaining material abundance.  I am starting to practice these laws for myself, starting with positivity and gratefulness.  It occurred to me that I can teach these laws to Sammie too.  I wondered if at 3 years old she is still too young, but I don’t think so.  I think that positivity and gratefulness and how one thinks, how one can receive graciously can be learned at her age.  I think it will give her an advantage to learning to live a happy fulfilling life if she learns them now.

I know I will have to continue the lessons as she grows and goes through her own experiences, but what is a Grandma for, if not to be there for you whenever you need her?

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