Magic ‘shrooms

I watched a show tonight that is fairly new called Black Box.  Tonight’s episode included a former neurosurgeon who was dying from a brain tumor that had spread to his liver.  Dr. Black gave him a small dose of the active incrediant from what we call magic mushrooms, or ‘shrooms.  The man had a mild hallucinogenic trip that took him past his fear of death, showing him multiple doors to pass through and what lay behind some of them.  He found peace, and relaxed his anxiety about dying.  In the show, he passed away in peace.

I believe God gave us every plant on the earth for our good use.  But the old addege goes, ” all things in moderation”.   Researchers have found excellent medicinal uses for LSD as well.  If these drugs had not been misused recreationaly, we might have come to the medical breakthroughs a lot sooner.

Here is a link regarding the research:


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