The magic of being 3 years old

2014-01-23 a

Ever since Sammie saw the movie Frozen, she started to believe that she too has magic.  I do not discourage her belief because I do believe we all have some magic in us.  I decided to let her explore this idea in her own way and to follow along as best I can.

We were sitting on the patio swing and she asked me if I wanted to see her magic.  “Oh yes,” I replied, “I would love to see it.”  She stood up and faced me, and made a fist with one hand and started to rub the other hand over that fist, and then reversed hands. She did this several times, and held her hands up to the sky, palms up.

“Did you see it?” she asked, smiling.   “yes I did see it” I replied.  “But will you tell me what I am seeing, Sammie?”

“Sparkles!” she said.

“Ah yes, and they are so beautiful!, Do it again!” I said.  And she happily complied.

Another time, we were in the house playing in the living room.  She came over to me, her hands obviously holding something that I couldn’t see, by it’s corners.

“It’s for you grandma” she said.  I reached out and took the “corners” from her hands.  “It’s very pretty Sammie, did you make it?”

“yep, its my magic” she said.

“Oh! Well then, let me give you some of mine!” I said and I repeated her actions, and she happily took the magic I offered her, smiling, and released it into the air.

We have had a lot of fun playing with this.  But I sense that in her mind this isn’t pretend, she really believes.  And so does her grandma!

Children are magical, their unseen worlds are real, creativity abounds and if we accept this gift they bring to us,  we return to our own time of innocent belief.






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